Thursday, September 22, 2016

Punching Bag


Anonymous said...

When I see a model leaning against a punching bag, I always think about how much fun it would be to work them over. Anyone leaning against a bag wants to feel the gloves on their body.

Tied up?...well, he'll enjoy it soon enough!

This would be a good series of pics as the ladies work his torso over completely. And as his cock would stick up above his briefs, they would have to strip him and knock his excitement around until he blows!

Great pic! I hope more like this are on the way!

Anonymous said...

The September 22 comment is so sexy, I have to agree!

Unknown said...

Or youth of handsome body builder surrounded by the girls of the three is what is to become of?
It will be in sex toys?

Anonymous said...

These girls are gonna destroy his

Marcuss said...

The girls easily captured the muscular boy they had been eyeing for sometime. A few punches into his belly and ribs soon convinced them that more aggressive measure would need to be taken. Stripping off his thong left his generous yet flaccid genitals dangling and exposed. Uppercut blows into his crotch soon caused the bulging flexing they had hoped to achieve. This, in addition to the repeated punches to his chiseled midsection, were enough to induce systemic shock. His last sight being three beautiful females pounding his naked exposed body into a muscular slab of dead meat. (By the way, I would sure like to see a full scale version of the picture behind them of the naked man strung up between two women.)