Monday, October 31, 2016

East vs. West - Asian Girl Got Stretched

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Steve said...

Some western agents have learn a little from there encounters against their deadly Eastern opponents, these two C.O.I.L. agents are employing the same numbers tactic against their opponents. Singly neither would stand a chance against her, but together and with a plan they can succeed. Here above they have the Laotian spy stretched and helpless. Unable to reach any vulnerable part of the two she is pinned in place.

'Ready?' asked Amber
'Yes,' answered Becky
'Then lets begin weakening her for the easy kill, she's still much too fatal a female even in this state,' Amber said.
The two Western spies placed the soft pads of one of their feet on each of woman's nipples and began tenderly kneading them.
The captive spy endured ten crushing and more importantly strength sapping orgasm before the two finished her for good.