Friday, November 25, 2016

Office Girl


Anonymous said...

Tasha can you make an story from this pic? (or comic)

the girl is in her office work, she was alone in her office. When a hunk rapist break in her office for steal some equipment. when the hunk up the stairs he look a sexy girl inside the office room , she wearing a sexy thigh miniskirt in a blouse , she has a sexy legs , a sexy butt and firm and large breast.
when the hunk saw the sexy secretary he has a hard on and he t0ugh "mmmm what a sexy girl , i'm gonna rape her, lets take some fun" ( meanwhile he grab his pennis in rub his testicles) he was too excited with her sexy ass, legs and body, his dick was too hard and fat.
the hunk aproached sneaked silently too close behind her, and he grab her from behind. The girl was surprised by the hunk, the hunk says in her ears "mmm you are mine sweetheart im gonna fuck you im so EXcited by you body hot"
the girl feel in her butt a big hardon bulgging, she was a expert in selfdefense
The hunk trough her in the floor and he clim up her body when the hunk stars to kiss her, and strip off her mini skirt, (she was wearing a sexy black bikini thong) he try to strip his thong and show his fat dick and his testicles (whit pubic hair).
then she make him a grappling and rolling the hunk, then she kick the hunk ribs and his mouth, he hunk was defeated and knock out , he lay in the floor knock out, the girl stand up she put her miniskirt and call the police.

the end

i hope you make some day stories whit hunk try to rape a sexy selfdefense experts girls. love u tasha.

Anonymous said...

I would have such a hard time not harassing her!

Amalia said...

We all know why she got hired! ;0