Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Suprise Attack


Anonymous said...

I don't get this scene... there's no passion, danger or excitement.
It makes the girls look look like thugs beating up a bunch of nice friendly holidaymakers in a beach shack. They were probably just sitting down to enjoy a Punch and Judy show.
On the plus the girls outfits are great!

Kesrick said...

Well I love your power punches. Looks like some rival assassins have been assigned to take out the blue trunks gang or something of that order and the main gal has started things off swinging. For back up she has her cheering squad packing two six shooters. So if the fists don't finish things I guess a few bullets will or something like that. The way she has launched those fellas with her first strike she has them right worried. I think I know how this fight is going to end and I don't have much faith in the boys to hold their own. Fun and games all around what can I say.