Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hot Dungeon

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Anonymous said...

Again my favorite scenario, two exquisitely muscled naked male beauties trussed up awaiting their fate. The third unrestrained male is a bit superfluous unless she has chosen him to satisfy her mounting sexual lust, dispatching him with a leg hold choke while his rigid erection is completely engulfed deep in her loins and his body flexing and heaving in spurting orgasmic convulsions. At that moment his death throes and quivering sexual ecstasy become indistinguishable. That distraction brushed aside she can now focus her attention on satisfying the mounting bloodlust now consuming her. Leaving the sprawling still-erect corpse of the freshly killed male she turns her attention to the struggling whimpering columns of perfectly chiseled powerfully masculine beauty completely under her control. As the sperm of her now-dead one-time lover begins to dribble down her thighs she must now decide which victim to start on, depending upon her careful observation of their reactions to the death they had just witnessed. Both are terrified but one will always exhibit a deeper horror than the other and it's he that will be the last to go. Watching another man's torso and genitalia slowly and lovingly skewered by her long sharp stilettos--sliding just under his skin and invasively probing and slicing through the surface muscle that lent such a delicious definition to his once intact body--is enough to make the weaker man go completely insane. The second victim will slowly succumb to blood loss secondarily but primarily from the system shock caused by the unendurable agonies visited upon him by his captor. At this point the third and final victim is in a state of madness, gripped by a mindless frenzy, causing a flexed writhing and making her task even more enjoyable. His bound thrashing would create far deeper agonies than she could ever inflict manually and at least she would not have to listen the pointless irritating begging and pleading as she reduced a once superb physique to a bloody unspeakable obscenity.