Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Amazon Warrior


MaxMarshal said...

SO great to see a big muscleman taking a blade in his MASSIVE CHEST!

Kesrick said...

Another Amazon warrior laying to waste invading warriors. Or are these modern day warriors in cos play mode. The photo which would be an anachronism in ancient times lays under a fallen shield. Oh well maybe one of Tasha's photos go sucked up in a time warp and sent back a few thousand years and now serves to inspire the Amazons. In that case seems to be working.

marcus666 said...

A lithe supple warrior women taking out a massively muscled naked male warrior, skewering various body parts as he lay bleeding and gurgling in death, marveling at how his thickly muscled torso flexed and writhed as it was penetrated by her razor spear.

She worked the blade down his chiseled belly and into his loins, slicing away his meager covering and playing the tip around his flaccid genitalia. Skewering the base of his thick penis she slid the spear blade upwards as it sliced his organ up to the tip. Violating him further would have to wait as he has expired and there is still a nice specimen on his knees. Let's see how long he lasts.