Monday, March 25, 2019

Asians In Control


Marcuss said...

Her male collaberator is leaning over her with his hands on the pecs of the two slabs of muscled meat they have just concquered. Her hand is squeezing the package and belly of the one she found most attractive. A femme hunter can always use a lithe slender male ally, muscular and often very attractive lure to her male prey. Some of the boys have been shown the tortured remains of muscular bodies captured by girls and he wishes to avoid the fate of their well-built peers by choosing to assist the femme elites.

As the female hunter explored her favored dead male with claws and teeth her aroused partner stroked the hard-muscled belly of the second slab with his throbbing erection, quickly comimg to a spurting orgasm against the flat hard belly, covering it with thick creamy pearls of male pleasure, an act of which she took careful notice.

Kesrick said...

interesting comment. From the title I figured this was a little Eastern double team action who have just successfully taken out their western counterparts; again in a locker room. Hope i never have the unfortunate experience of walking in on one of these fights. There goes my work out! Talk about work outs looks like her agent partner has some pent up sexual energy and is working it out with a set of push ups. Frustrated, as his partner is showing more interest in the vics they just took out. Again great story line by a brilliant artist.