Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Kick The Basket!

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Kesrick said...

Kick the basket! Love it! This gal is certainly showing great skill at her version of basketball. Looks like the guards of the black suit gang caught up to her in their armoury. Hope she hears the big hulk running up behind her. If not you could say she will be "hooped". Maybe with a well executed spin kick she can sink another one. On the other hand, I think the guys should call "foul". With her dressed like that they don't stand a chance. Hard to keep your eye on the ball so to speak, when she has two bouncing under that white t shirt of her's, tied nice and tight. What's she doing in the armoury anyways? She doesn't need any ammo. Looks like she's already fully loaded, with her own deadly high caliber custom shells.