Sunday, October 27, 2019

M vs. M - Muscle Men Defeated


MaxMarshal said...

and a FOURTH about to be killed off next!
He's saved the best for last... this massive hairy-chest hunk is going to look so good flexing for his death!

Anonymous said...

Loving all the MvM ballbust but could you have their cocks out?

MaxMarshal said...

I'm just back, enjoying your amazing work. It IS amazing work!
I know that you don't shy away from using weapons in your images... so, I don't mind sharing with you that my favourite pictures are the ones featuring these magnificent dead musclemen who've been offed with blades... especially to their massive flexed (hairy) C H E S T S ! :-) I love those pictures! But I'm grateful for them all! So, thank you!