Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Guards Down


Anonymous said...

Great works, there was a site years ago don't remember its name...
But it was a little like this!
One section had a man and woman in it just in underwear he had a jock strap I think.
Anyway they had a tussle he had her but she overcame him, kicked him away so powerfully it knocked him out of his strap. So he was just there with a massive erect cock still wanting her, probably even more after that but she again got the better of him and, I remember this bit, she karate chopped his hard on causing him to cum and die at the same time.
It was so hot, like the works here.

Kesrick said...

Each takes out her man quickly and efficiently. Guards down and dead. Now the ladies are on their way to infiltrate the base. Love how you have a implied storyline in each of your works.